We are human beings. It is a fact. And this fact becomes a problem sometimes.

We have emotions and that is why sometimes it becomes very difficult to control ourselves.

When you know what is the right thing to do but you are not able to do it, means you are weak; in other words, you have plenty of emotions distracting you. Its not your fault, it is the way we have been designed by the almighty. We only need to have control on our minds and thoughts and emotions.

One can do so by meditation which can help us acquire peace of mind. And peace of mind is what we all need to control ourselves and become stronger.

When we acquire peace of mind, we’ll be able to, not only know what is the right thing to do but also, do the right thing.

We will be happier.

We will be able to achieve our goals more easily.

Today the problem with us, teenagers, is that, we are confused. Our minds are full mostly of distractions or negative thoughts.

We think we’ve become cool, modern etc. , but the fact is that, we are escaping the reality. Sad part is that most of us don’t even realize this fact.

Many of us have ruined our lives because of not being at peace.

Anxiety kills.

We should always spend sometime with ourselves, meditate and introspect. Soon, we’ll be at peace and we’ll realize the purpose of our lives and we’ll be happier.

Meditation works. I can tell because I do it.