It was the time when ‘the little girl’ was in 11th grade.

She belonged to a well-to-do family. She was raised like a princess. She had everything, including the requirements and the non requirements. She was preparing for an exam. This exam was the only important thing for her, because clearing the exam meant, studying in THE BEST LAW SCHOOL.

She was not very popular in her school and she never had many friends, probably because she hated to gossip. She had a reserved nature and liked being with herself.

But she used to think , ” life is very simple and everything always happens according to my plan and whatever i wish for is mine.”

For her, achieving something big was like eating a candy floss.

And so her plan was to , complete her school then to appear for the entrance exam, get selected in the best law school ( as if the law school selected students just by looking at their pretty faces ) , be the best student of that law school ( as if it was as simple as eating an apple pie ) , be the best lawyer of India ( as if the only requirement was to wear a nice suit and speak English ) , become wealthier than her father ( as if law firms pay you for wearing nice dresses ) .Β 

This little girl’s plan seemed very simple to her.

After a year, she completed her 12th grade. She gave the entrance exam. Soon the results were out.

SHE WAS NOT SELECTED. For the first time in her life, she could not believe herself. Her eyes welled up with tears. She felt so small that she could not breathe. She was rejected. Her heart withered. She did not understand what just happened. She did not know what to do with her life anymore. Her perfect world was ruined. She was so depressed that she couldn’t sleep at nights and used to sob.

She did not have the courage to make more plans. To distract herself, she used to watch movies and tried laughing. But nothing helped. She was frustrated with herself. She wanted to die.

After a month and a half… It was like , someone ( maybe God ) knocking on her head and saying, ” wake up girlie. you have to face the reality. you are very strong.”

The little girl thought over…

She replied, “okay.FINE. I am fine. I am strong. I HAVE TO SHOW THE WORLD HOW BRAVE I AM.”

And she was on.

Mission LIFE started. She began her preparation for the entrance exam again.

Two weeks from then…

She is a determined student now and knows that simply making the plan is not enough. Working hard for it is very important. She is a normal person. She has made up her mind to get into the best law school.

She is happy. she feels happy. She meditates. She writes.