This morning when my mom was driving me to my class –

It was raining heavily. There was a traffic jam all over the city and so the traffic was moving very, very slowly. Drivers were getting irritated and restless. Meanwhile I heard a siren. It was the emergency siren of an ambulance. Soon the ambulance was behind some cars in the adjacent lane. While I was wondering how the ambulance will move through the roadblock, I saw a young gentleman, on the opposite side, getting out of this car. He walked towards the ambulance and said something to the driver. Then he walked to the  cars in front of the ambulance one by one, instructing them to move. Also, he instructed the driver of the car in front of ours. After which there was some room for our car so he instructed my mom and the cars in the adjacent lane moved closer to our lane making enough room for the ambulance. Finally the man was successful in helping the ambulance. I was so happy and relieved. This gentleman saved a life.

My faith in humanity restored.