They are not boring. They just like to observe, observe everything and everyone around them. They have an enormous thought-process going on in their heads. You can say, that, they are self indulgent. If you wish to be friends with some one like this, then you must be very sensible and talented because these people are not at all good at tolerating bullshit. Like seriously. They are of a reserved nature. Therefore you will never find them sitting with a huge group. They have a small number of selected friends. You are wrong if you call them boring because they are not. They know how to enjoy their own company. They never get bored of themselves. Also, they don’t give a damn about what you think of them. They are simple. Most of them love reading and observing people and listening and learning.And I must say they are really good at their stuff. They never talk to anyone without any business because, as i’ve told you earlier, they are bad at tolerating nonsense, also, they are allergic to gossips. But you should never do the mistake of doubting their confidence because you don’t know but they can turn you down with their knowledge  whenever they want. And if you are friends with an introvert then, my dear, I must tell you that you are very fortunate to have them in your life. They are the most loyal of all your friends. They are very good at keeping secrets. They are always. the best listeners. Well, yes, they may be very straight forward at times but, trust me, they’ll never hurt you.

Just don’t stereotype introverts. They are not lonely. They like being alone sometimes.