Confidently, she was climbing the mountain of life

Working hard

Chasing her dream

Strong enough to face life

So the problem this time was different; it was her heart

Her heart was still innocent

She would let everyone (she believed everyone was good enough) to reside in her heart

She would trust people very easily

So gullible she was with that innocent heart

Then came, a heavenly being , to breach her trust

And she was broken again

She couldn’t understand her fault

The heavenly being explained –

“In this wonderful world, there lives a huge variety of people

Each of them has a different nature

Not everyone’s heart is as innocent as yours

In fact, some a heartless

Therefore, stop letting everyone reside in your precious heart

Use a filter

Learn to refine

Otherwise, you’ll be broken and the innocence will vanish”

She thanked the celestial being for the new lesson she just learned

Thereafter, everything was fine again!

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