It seemed as if there was a hole in her heart and the hole was expanding as the seconds became minutes, minutes became hours, hours became days, days became weeks. Oh. How fragile she became, with time. They say wounds heal with time. Then how come the opposite was happening with her? The Universe which resided inside her was biting her. She couldn’t understand a thing. The whirlpool of thoughts and the fight between her heart and her brain was making her sick. Very sick. She couldn’t take it anymore. She wanted to escape that universe. The universe which had her entangled in the threads of the past and the awful. Oh yes she wanted to escape. She could not name her emotions. Was she depressed? Well I can only pray. She had beautiful big eyes which were now, after mourning for a full whole month, exquisitely true. But, Oh. How fragile she looked.

– Gursimran Kaur