16th November 2015 – My eighteenth birthday


I’ve always dreamed about being 18 years old. I’ve always imagined the stuff I’ll do or how life would be then. And now when I am really it, really 18 years old, Its so sudden. It was yesterday when i said “I want to be 17 forever” and it was day before yesterday when I thought “will my life change when i get 18 years old?” And suddenly when I am 18 years old I realize that nothing has changed. Its just about time, that is, I am one more year closer to my dream. Also, that the speed by which time is being subtracted from my life every year is pretty high. And when I reflect on my previous year, I feel a bit disappointed in myself. I feel that I could have done more, could have made it more productive. There is a happy feeling too about the things i achieved and learned but there is this voice in me saying “Oh Hey! You are capable of doing a lot better.”

I have spent 18 years of my life like this.

I want to be proud of myself next year on my 19th birthday when i reflect on the previous year.

Therefore, on my eighteenth birthday I decide to spend my time more wisely from now on and make it more productive and live it to the fullest. Precisely, I will –

  1. Read more books
  2. Write more often
  3. Work harder
  4. Exercise regularly
  5. Smile and laugh more often


Okay. This is it for now.

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Cheers! xox