I’m here trying to find an answer to the question that if you call yourself a human then why don’t you really be a human ?


Last week I saw a video on Facebook, there was a guy who was new in town and was looking for a place to live but couldn’t find one because he was a Muslim and the people who lived in that town believed that Muslims are terrorists.

I was dumbstruck after watching that video. So narrow-minded and inhumane.

The meaning of Islam is Peace. How can someone relate it to terrorism??

Then the next day I came across another video in which an American woman refused to sit next to an African woman in an airplane. And the reason she gave will make you question this world and its humanity. Her statement was – ‘she is black and despicable. I can not sit beside such a person.’

WHAT?! Who are you or how are you to decide if someone is despicable or not?

I know such things are not happening everywhere but in many places they ARE happening. Maybe you are not a racist but maybe the person sitting next to you is. Have you realized that in the race of life you’ve become selfish and inhumane and forgotten the meaning of humanity. We say that we’ve become modern and we’ve come a long way and everyone’s literate and educated , So tell me one thing, has the education or the modernization taught you to differentiate between people on the basis of their skin color or on the basis of the Gods they believe in ?

Why can’t we just be humans? Give it a thought. We need to save the humanity. It is lost somewhere between us and our busy lives.


We are human beings and we were born with a soul. A colorless soul. And we ALL were born with A COLORLESS SOUL.