We humans are such hypocrites.

*A part of you must be saying, ‘oh this girl is right’ while a part of you must be saying, ‘but no I’m not a hypocrite’*

You know what – Everyone one of you, who addressed that fat-woman-with-curly-hair at your work place as ugly and that nerd-looking-guy-wearing-old-school-spectacles as dumb and that tall-skinny-doll-like-woman as pretty, is a hypocrite.

Why is it so that a certain type of a face or body or hair or personality or interest amounts to ugly or pretty or not-so-cool ? Who decided this certain type ? How was it decided ? Why or how do you pretend to accept a person as ugly or handsome? How many times in your school you were taught that this is the handsome-type and this is the ugly type ? When did your brain learned to tag someone with a certain type while looking at him/her ? Let me guess – You never learned any of it in your school. Then where did you learn this, it wasn’t innate I’m sure. Because God never created us with the knowledge of ugly or pretty. He just created us. God or the Universe (in case you’re an atheist) while creating us never thought that – oh today I’ll make an ugly creature and tomorrow a handsome one.

Then how do you think we decide? We don’t decide. We just pretend. We just hide flaws (which are not actually flaws, we are just made to think they are). So now do you too think that we are hypocrites? Pretending to be pretty while being judged as ugly where in reality nothing exists, neither pretty nor ugly. Its just us. So stop pretending. It’s Just Us.


– Gursimran Kaur