Good evening my lovely readers! Its is 9 pm in India and here I am reading Anna Karenina and sipping tea ( perfect combination, no? )

So. Today I got myself entered into the goodreads’ 2016 reading challenge and I’ve decided for myself to read fifty books this year. But I have no idea how am I going to complete the challenge because, precisely I’ve planned to read one book every week, which will work alright for forty nine weeks, then in the fiftieth week I’ll begin with war and peace (it is a huge book with around 1400 pages written in a tiny font) and I think it will take me 3-4 weeks to finish reading war and peace; which means I’ll finish reading it in 52nd or 53rd week (which will also be the last week of the year) sounds to be a great plan, but not sure enough for it to turn out as planned because I’m suppose to study for the law entrance exam which is all set to happen in the first week of May (only three months left; Gawd this is stressful) then hopefully I’ll get into a law school and I don’t think one has enough leisure time in a law school to read classics or poetry or biographies. But then hey! one can always cut short one’s sleep-time and read! Humph. Lets see. So far I’ve read one book (Illusions by Richard Bach) and today I started my second book (Anna Karenina by Leo Tolstoy). Not bad.

Conclusion drawn- I don’t have enough time to read (well, no one has ever had) and I dont know how I will complete the challenge but I know that I will complete the challenge. Yay!

Alright then! That is all for now. Let me know how many books you’ve decided to read this year and how do you plan to complete them.

Love and regards.

Cheers to life! xox