Hi there everybody!

So I read this book “Six Thinking Hats” written by Edward de  Bono.

This book is very helpful if you are not so good at decision making and problem solving. In this book Edward de Bono has explained a method, six thinking hats method, to help us manage our thinking. Using this method can definitely save our time and make us much more productive. This method is generally used by organizations or companies while conducting their meetings or while deciding upon some important decision or while solving a problem. But we at an individual level can use this method in our daily life as it will help us to manage our thinking. Because at certain times, certain thoughts are confusing and negative. Though we cannot stop this certain type of thought process we can always manage it in such a way that it doesn’t hinder our productivity amd make us more efficient.

Go ahead and learn about six thinking hats method if you really wish to know how to manage your thinking. I can not thoroughly explain this method in this one blog post  because there are chances that you might get confused and not completely understand the concept. It’d be better than the best if you read the book.

And if you know about the method and are using it and have read the book then high-five to you!


Cheers to life! xox