Good evening loves!

I just finished reading the fifth book of 2016, Who Will Cry When You Die?, written by Robin Sharma. Interesting title! isn’t it?

This was my first experience of reading a self help book and it was great. This book is really very helpful and inspiring. It contains 101 life lessons. The author, Robin Sharma is very influencing and uses accurate examples to elaborate his point. Also he has used many quotations of many great personalities from around the world, and while reading the book, these quotations give you an instant motivation and you feel like jumping out of the bed and start working. So yeah, this book is worth reading. It will help you to improve yourself spiritually, physically and mentally, and become happier.

Therefore if you are not very satisfied with your life or not completely happy or not contented with what you have or if you are simply sad; you need to read this book!

Alright then, will see you guys very soon.

Cheers to life! xox