the name kaur

makes me a free woman

it removes the shackles that

try to bind me

uplifts me to remind me i am equal to

any man even though the state

of this world screams to me i am not

that i am my own woman and

i belong wholly to myself

and the universe

it humbles me

calls out and says i have a

universal duty to share with

humanity to nurture

and serve the sisterhood

to raise those that need raising

the name kaur runs in my blood

it was in me before the word itself existed

it is my identity and my liberation


– kaur

a woman of sikhi

– milk and honey, rupi kaur


Milk and Honey is a powerful collection of poems written by rupi kaur (a writer and artist based inΒ  Toronto, Canada)

She writes,

“my heart woke me crying last night

how can i help i begged

my heart said

write the book”


I found this book very different, brave, interesting, heart breaking and absolutely wonderful.