Want to dive into the treasure of spirituality, creativity, wisdom and of course poetry? Read Rumi.

Rumi, known as Jalaluddin Balkhi by the Persians and Afghanis, was born in September 1207 in Afghanistan.
His poems mostly talk about his union with God; and are dipped in wisdom and garnished with the greatest life lessons.  You’ll need to dig into the lines and dig into your mind to realize the truth of his creations.

You cannot read it as a novel, complete it in one night; you just can’t; you have to pause to understand, to realize the truth and the power of each word. And thus the beauty of Rumi’s poetry is that you have to surrender yourself, your ego, to it. I absolutely enjoyed reading his wonderful creations and if you have , even the slightest of interests in this art called poetry, then you should definitely read The Selected Poems of Rumi by Penguin Classics.


Cheers to life! xox