Greetings to my dear readers.

Today, 95 blog posts and 395 followers and 5921 visitors from 71 countries and 1 year later, I am creating my FIRST BLOGOVERSARY post. And I am so overwhelmed that I’m not even sure  how to express my happiness  and gratitude.

A year ago, if I recall, I was a sad person with low self esteem; but today I am a happy and confident person. This blog gave me a lot and I gave it a lot more. In this year I’ve grown, improved, learnt, lived, read, written, and become a version of myself that I love, truly and absolutely. And for this I am grateful to WordPress, my readers, followers and visitors for supporting me and my writings.

Thank you Rum-n-Raisins for always being there!

Cheers to life! xox


– Gursimran Kaur