Hi there lovelies, hope you are having great Monday!

So recently I read this book ‘She- Ekla Cholo Re’, which was sent to me by the author himself, Santosh Avvannavar, some 4 months ago. And as I had some exams and college admission process going on , I couldn’t read and review the book; therefore I’m doing it now.

This book, SHE, is not at all about ‘a she’ and not even about ‘a he’. This book is on a very different and offbeat theme, that is SHEMALE. I said ‘different and offbeat’ because even today when we call ourselves modern and open minded, we are not very comfortable with talking about/to the third gender or the transgender or maybe a shemale or any being who is not ‘normal- in the sense neither female nor male’. We outcast them. 

This book, however, introduces us to the life of such outcast human beings and the challenges they have to face. I absolutely loved the concept of the book and would recommend it to every adult because we need this perspective and open-mindedness.

Also I’d like to congratulate the creators of She-Ekla Cholo Re, for creating this wonderful book.


Alright then! that’s all for now, will see you soon.

Cheers to life! xox