Hey you!

I know I know it has been a while that I have updated you on my personal life; I was busy you know (yeah the lamest excuse!) But really I didn’t have anything exciting or interesting or worth writing about, going on in my life. I was just reading books or reviewing them or watching Game Of Thrones or watching Friends or sleeping.

However, today I have a news! I am in a college! Yes. Finally. And I’m studying psychology. Now if you’ve been following my blogs since forever, you know that I had taken a year off to prepare for the law school entrance exam so probably you’re wondering why have I taken up psychology instead. Because it turned out that Indian constitution is not what I really want to study; in fact, all this time in school when I used to think that I have everything figured out, I had absolutely no idea what I’m doing or going to do with my life (this is, precisely why I had to take a year off. And oh, create a personal blog.)

And if you remember, initially on the blog I used to write inspirational articles, which were primarily to inspire myself; however, I ended up inspiring a lot of my readers too; this is when I realized how much I want to inspire, myself and the world.  And lately while maintaining the blog (writing poems mainly) I’ve realized that all I want is to know myself and understand myself and study myself. In the past year all I did was to talk to and discover myself (and trust me I tried my level best to discover myself or what i really wanted to do with/in my life)

Writing blogs regularly gave me a purpose and an aim which was to know/understand myself. Therefore this is what I’m doing and will keep doing till I absolutely know myself and become able to help others know their self.

Hence psychology.

Help yourself. Inspire yourself. And in no time you’ll be helping and inspiring the world!


I think this is all for now. Also if you haven’t read the earlier parts and wish to read them, then check’em out here- Part onePart two , Part three , and My year in 932 words . I’ll try to post about my personal life more often. Till then Cheers to life!! xox