I am a nineteen year old girl who is fascinated by almost everything that exists and does not exist. I love reading and writing poetry and reviewing books. I am a psychology student and want to work for the humanity and its peace. I also want to travel the world and learn every bit about it.  I believe in following my bliss and living my dream.

Why is the title Rum-n-Raisins – Because of the way of life. Our life ALWAYS happens in combinations; such as, bitter-and-sweet, good-and-bad, rough-and-smooth, tough-and-soft. It will never be one way. Not always bitter and not always sweet. It will be a combination of both, Though the ratio will not always be 1:1 and what we need to learn here is to train ourselves to be able to live in both the proportions of life. And hence the name β€œRum-n-Raisins”; Life will be tough and bitter like rum and life will also be soft and sweet like raisins; and we will have to live both because it is the combination of life.

Therefore on my blog you’ll get to taste both rum and raisins.


Thank you very much for sparing some time and stopping by and being interested in learning about me and my blog.


Cheers to life. xox

P.S. I’m an indecipherable open book.